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The caves of Leuca: discover the DelfinoBlu boat tour

The southern part of Salento is characterized by the presence of two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, which embrace the coast which frames the marvelous Santa Maria di Leuca. Here nature offers us a breathtaking panorama, full of cliffs overlooking the sea and particular caves that embroider the entire Salento coast. The names that have been attributed to them over the years by fishermen and locals derive from the structural characteristics or from the legends that revolve around their history.

Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso

The bay of Santa Maria di Leuca is embraced by two long cliffs: Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso. The first is the southernmost of Capo di Luca, while the second is famous for its position, exactly between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Legend has it that the Goddess Leucasia wandered around her, who had the power to make anyone who looked into her eyes fall in love with her. Her formidable ability, however, did not work with the beautiful fisherman Melisso, who was in love with a girl named Aristula. The goddess, humiliated, decided to drown the couple in the sea of Leuca.

Punta Meliso

The Goddess Minerva, having witnessed the whole affair helplessly, moved by extreme pity, decided to take the bodies of the lovers and bury them at the two ends of the cliffs surrounding the bay, which since then took the name of Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso.

Dragon cave

The Dragon cave is one of the largest in the area and owes its name to the presence, inside, of an enormous rock which acts as a pillar for the ceiling and which, both for its greenish color and for its particular shape, recalls the head of a dragon. In the past, the cave was used by fishermen as a shelter from storms, since the port of Leuca was particularly distant at that time, considering that the boats were not as handsome as the current ones.

Grotto of the Crib

The crib cave is characterized by the particular union between stalactites and stalagmites present inside it which gives life to unique and suggestive colors and has always enchanted the view of fishermen and navigators, so much as to give the impression of being in front of the reproduction of the nativity.


Cave of the Three Doors

The cave of the three doors was the first to be used by boatmen, for tourist use. Its three arches allow access to the cave and give the name to the entire rocky complex.

Breath Cave

The grotto of the breath offers a magical scenario to those who approach to visit it, strictly by swimming or by boat; it offers a fantastic play of light and colour, based on the motion of the waves.

Discovering the caves of Leuca with Delfino Blu

Delfino Blu Excursions is a family-run business that two former fishermen brothers, Davide and Simone, decided to take over in 2019 to share with their guests their love for the sea, experience and knowledge of the area, the one that they knew how to learn from their ancestors and that is passed down from generation to generation. To carry out this activity of tourist and territorial promotion we use a comfortable boat with attention to the smallest details, Delfino Blu to be precise, which can accommodate up to 18 passengers, a relatively small number to allow maximum comfort on board and the right attention to every need, for a unique and fun excursion.

Our staff is ready to help you discover Salento from another perspective, through an unforgettable tour of the caves of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, letting you touch the difference between the coasts on the two sides and why not, perhaps embellishing the excursion with a nice dip in the crystal clear waters that only the sea of the Heel of Italy can give you!


Do you want to live an unforgettable experience between the Ionian and Adriatic to discover the caves and wonders of the Salento coasts, aboard a super-equipped and comfortable boat? Contact us and book your excursion with Delfino Blu!


Our tours, lasting about 3 hours, depart three times a day from the port of Torre Vado, at 9.00, time in which it will be possible to witness the fantastic play of lights created by the sun’s rays that settle inside the caves and create a unique and suggestive atmosphere, at 1.00 pm and 4.30 pm, the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful Salento sunset show, with the sun slowly slipping behind the horizon.

During the excursion there will be two stops to be able to swim and dive into the fabulous crystal clear waters and, moreover, you can also enjoy pleasant refreshments on board. Click on the button below and contact us now to book your place!

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