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Delfino Blu Escursioni is a family-run tour agency based in Torre Vado (Marina di Morciano di Leuca), which has been organizing boat tours to the fascinating caves of Santa Maria di Leuca since 2019.

Our ambition is to offer high-quality excursions between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, allowing our guests to explore the enchanting coasts of Salento from a unique and captivating perspective. This is made possible thanks to the experience of our skipper Giovanni, who lives and knows the sea like no other, and our dedicated team, which works tirelessly to provide excellent service driven by our love for our land and the desire to showcase Salento with its enchanting places and incomparable sea.

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With the aim of meeting the needs of those seeking a personalized and quality travel experience, we have listened to our customers' feedback and developed tours designed for those who prefer to avoid mass tourism. Therefore, starting from our boat, every year we strive to enhance the onboard experience for anyone who decides to embark on Nereide and dive into a splendid adventure on the waves with Delfino Blu.

Nereide is a traditional 8-meter vessel built by the prestigious Bianchi & Cecchi shipyard in Genoa, combining quality and comfort to provide impeccable service to our clients. The simplicity and elegance of its design are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Thanks to Delfino Blu Escursioni, our guests will have an unforgettable experience, exploring breathtaking panoramas and marvelous caves that are otherwise inaccessible by land. Our exclusive boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers at a time, ensuring an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

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The equipment on board Nereide includes comfortable seating, a small sunbathing area, a sunshade to protect from the sun, a practical ladder for easy access to the sea, and a shower for refreshment. On board, all the safety equipment required by regulations is provided, as well as the necessary gear for swimming, snorkeling, and fully enjoying the underwater spectacle offered by our seabed.

Choose Delfino Blu Escursioni for a unique and unforgettable adventure to discover the wonders of Salento. We await you on board!

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