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5 Things to do in Salento after the quarantine

Around is full of guides and itineraries on Salento and the web is full of advice to make your holidays in the heel of Italy unique. In this period of isolation due to the Coronavirus, however, we are all waiting to know how phase 2 will take place and wondering what to do in Salento after the quarantine.

We thought about it a bit and, hoping to be able to live a beautiful summer 2020, we want to offer you 5 things that, in our opinion, represent a authentic heritage of our land and which can take place in total

We will not talk about well-known resorts that you have probably already heard about talk, perhaps even in one of our articles in which we recommend the best beaches of Salento or places to visit absolutely, but of simple places, small activities and special moments that they will make your Salento experience unique. Let’s discover them together.

1 – Sunrise from Punta Palascìa

Known by all as the easternmost point of Italy, this corner of paradise is certainly the first place to visit but, be careful: at dawn it is truly a unique show. If the sunset is within everyone’s reach, albeit also special, dawn is for dreamers, for the brave, for hearts lonely. A wonder for the eyes and for the soul.

Punta Palascìa, a few steps from Otranto, will not only make you enjoy a breathtaking view, but it will let you witness the first sunrise in Italy. It will be enough for you walk down the provincial road along a romantic steep path which it seems to lead straight down to the sea; towards the cliff, among the typical shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub, here comes the lighthouse, a white bulwark immersed in the deep blue.

2 – Frise, tarallini and typical products after a swim in the sea

Anyone will have told you about the frisa and in all ways but maybe no one has described to you the experience of enjoying a good frisa right after the sea, perhaps when you are still on the beach or sitting on the cliff. A small snack overlooking the sea but lived slowly and without haste.

Frisa is not just a simple typical food of our land but something to share, a meal that speaks of sun and sea, perfect for savor before rinsing off the salt water of Salento, along with other tasty specialties of our land.

We know this feeling well, that’s why we decided to insert a break during our boat excursions between the Ionian and Adriatic for a rich aperitif overlooking the sea, based on typical products of ours earth, tarallini and appetizers that will embellish the suggestive moment of the meeting of the two seas.

And then durum wheat or barley, simple with oil, salt and tomato or accompanied with tuna, anchovies and capers, the choice is yours. Everyone “sponzi” his frisa and munch his favorite snacks.

3 – Wander around the historic center of Lecce

Historic center of Lecce – Salento

The capital of Salento and southern Baroque. It is Lecce, known by everyone for Piazza Duomo, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza Sant’Oronzo. After visiting these wonders, however, take the first alley in the historic center that comes across, close the guidebook you are holding for a moment, turn off the internet.

Lose yourself in a silent and romantic wander among the balconies, hidden courtyards and corners that you will not find described anywhere. The essence of Lecce is there, to be discovered and experienced.

4 – A dip in Torre Uluzzu

After having advised you on the Adriatic coast in the first point of this short list, the time has come to talk about the Ionian side, renowned for its beaches of golden fine sand.

Different from the context just described, however, is the scenario of Torre Uluzzu, which is part of the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park, a coastal tower overlooking the sea overlooking a long and jagged cliff.

The best beaches of Salento (Photo by Paolo Damiano Dolce) From here, along a somewhat impervious road, you reach the sea for enjoy its fresh and crystalline waters that characterize this small pristine corner of paradise, not too chaotic and capable of making you fall in love anyone who goes to visit even once. Seeing is believing!

5 – A journey on the trains of the Ferrovie Sud-Est

It’s unusual advice, probably, but trust me, it’s well worth it sorry. Unless you are a commuter forced to travel daily on the trains that cross Salento, of course.

Abandon for one day the frenetic rhythms of cars, Frecciarossa, planes and dive into a suggestive experience on the tracks of a fascinating train retro that will make you experience a unique land, walking among dry stone walls and pajare, between the red of the countryside and the intense blue of the sea.

Enjoy an aimless train journey, turn off your cell phone if not to take a few photos and breathe deeply the true essence of Salento. Do you want to live an unforgettable experience between the Ionian and Adriatic to discover the caves and wonders of the Salento coasts, aboard a super-equipped and comfortable boat? Click on the WhatsApp button at the bottom left and contact us immediately to book

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